I pointed to a symbol on the street and said to the 2yo “Look, an arrow”. He says “No mama, it’s Back (button)”

This smile. 

This smile. 


As I was leaving for work today, the boy came running to the door and handed me my blue headband saying “Mama, yeh pehen ke jaao”.

I just wanted to cuddle him forever.


 In another news, it is NOT advisable to leave your beetroot soup unattended with your 2 year old.


I was sitting barefeet with my toes curled when the boy looked at them and said “Aapko thand lagi hai, chappal laa ke doon?” Choking up a little.


Son’s belly laugh, waves crashing, camera click. My favorite sounds.


Made Maggi for the kiddo for the first time. I don’t think I have ever seen his mouth open so wide for each morsel.


I hope no one notices ~ the quiver in my voice ~ when I say your name.


Two girls asked me to click their photo at the flower show. Sure I did, only to hear them say “Yaar beech mein hi nahi li” while walking away.


The boy says to me this evening “Apna munh kholo. Dekhein kitne teeth aaye hain?”


The boy takes away the iPhone from my hand and says “Main Siri se baat kar raha hoon”


Mom just casually told me that they used to pin-up my name and address at the back of my dress as a toddler (just in case). Speechless.


While I was taking the two year old for a walk yesterday, he looked at a kid (3-4 years), pointed and said “Yeh dekho baby, kitna cute hai!”


: It’s weird. At 6pm I’m at peak energy but they look like prisoners of war.”


The boy just turned on Siri and said “How are you?” all by himself.

Btw, Siri replied with “that’s sweet” in response.

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